Thursday, 28 July 2016

Homework - Term 3 Week 2-3 - Due Friday 12 August

Welcome back to another exciting term!  We have a few different things for homework this term, so check through this to make sure you're onto it :)

This term Year 5 are doing novel studies.  This will involve you all spreading out across the Year 5 teachers focussing on your specific gaps for Reading (the Reading Roll Around).  Being a novel, you will have to read a minimum amount each week so you can get through it in time.  Make sure the books go home in your book bags to keep them safe.  You will need to make sure they come back every day for using in class.

Maths Basic Facts
We really, really, really want you all to be practicing your basic facts and getting quicker at remembering these.  Over the next two weeks, you must:

- Do 5 grids
- Write out 2 family of facts from a number you are trying to get faster at

Just like normal - you must learn 10 of your spelling words.  Write each word out 10 times, and write 1 sentence with that word in it.

Art Competition!
This is completely voluntary.  Make some kind of art piece that represents some part of your identity or something that is significant to you.  It can be any type of art you like.  This competition will run over the whole term, and you can definitely make more than one piece if you like.  But, put some effort into it!  :)

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