Thursday, 12 May 2016

Week 3 Homework - Due Friday 27 May

Here's the next lot of homework.  You must hand it in on the morning of Friday 27 May to get your $25. Remember, you don't get to give yourself the $25 unless you see that we have written this in your book when we mark it.

- 20 minutes reading each day.  If you have been given a Journal to read for homework, use this.  Otherwise, use your library books.

- Learn 10 spelling words.  Get these from your spelling book - some will be your list words and some will be words from your writing that you had spelled incorrectly.  You must put these words into your homework book from your spelling book in your own time - so before school!

Write each word out 5 times and include it in a sentence.  You can find all the spelling lists in the "Spelling" link on the side.  There are also audio recordings that you can use to test yourself for practice.

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