Wednesday, 13 April 2016

CAMP Term 2

Here is the list of what each child needs to bring to camp.
PLEASE, PLEASE do not but expensive items such as sleeping bags, or raincoats if you do not have something appropriate.
Instead - just email Chris or myself - and we will ask the class if anyone has a spare one to lend you child. 

(All items must be clearly named)

One SMALL suitcase or small bag with your gear inside.
You must also bring a small backpack/school bag  for the hike.

1.         2 pairs of trainers/track shoes suitable for long walk-NOT jandals
2.         1 pair or either Slippers or indoor shoes
3.         3 pairs of warm socks
4.         2 sets of warm clothes        -jerseys or sweatshirts
                                                            -long sleeved t-shirts
                                                            -long trousers or jeans or tracksuit pants
5.         2 sets of summer clothes – t-shirts, shorts
6.         2 changes of underwear
7.         Sun hat and sun block cream (Pack into your daypack)
8.         Pyjamas – dressing gown if you have one
9.         Handkerchiefs or tissues
10.      Sleeping bag
11.      Pillow and pillow case
12.      Flannel, soap, toothbrush and paste (all in a bag).
13.      Shower towel
14.      Hair brush, comb, hair clips etc
15.      One large plastic bag for dirty shoes and clothes.
16.      One reading book that you have not read before.
17.      Torch – not essential –you don’t have to bring this
18.      Medicines that you require (these must be given to the teacher  and have a note from Mum/Dad explaining when it should be used).
19.      Waterproof raincoat/parka – VERY important that it is
20.      You may bring a Board Game or cards from home.
21.      Sun hat and beanie for night time
22.      Lunch for your first day at camp.
Please also bring   EITHER an ice-cream or similar sized container of delicious homemade cakes/biscuits to share. OR a bag of fruit such as apples, oranges , mandarins etc

Please absolutely nothing containing any type of NUTS as we have children with severe allergies- thanks


1.         Radios, walkman, ipods, cellphones.
2.         Chewing or bubble gum, lollies, chocolate bars etc
3.         Jewellery, except a watch
4.         Money

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